Igor Lazarev Guitarist

CD Reviews „Shine Your Light“

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“With „Shine Your Light“, guitarist Igor Lazarev gives the actually retrospective genres of jazz rock, jazz fusion and even new age a new definition and thus an unexpected fresh right to exist which, in the course of the album, keeps building up, gaining more and more power and explosiveness.”
Holger S. Jansen (www.soultrainonline.de)


“’Shine Your Light‘ is a fantastic album, inviting you to discover and inspiring tons of ideas for your own play. Big recommendation!””
Richard Holzer (www.guitarmania.eu)


“It is a rocking jazz music, with fat stomping grooves, often cut through by delicate melodies and uneven measures.”


“Igor Lazarev and his alternating top-notch musicians have delivered a beautiful album which radiates, with its dynamics and interaction, a great deal of live atmosphere.”
Arnd Müller (Gitarre & Bass)


“The album, produced beautifully, bows to fusion and jazz rock from the seventies to nineties. (…) An excellent album!”
Dylan Cem Akalin (Jazzandrock.com)

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